Growing Real Opportunities in the Workforce (G.R.O.W.) seeks to inspire young people by introducing career options to help them discover and cultivate their distinctive talents. Through interactive media, mentorship, and providing professional opportunities we assist individuals to discover their full potential, hone their specific skills, and support them in contributing their gifts to society’s economic health.

Our Values

    • Family – We embrace everyone that comes to us as they are and provide ongoing support like a healthy family would. This is true for students and GROW team members.

    • Communication – Communication is key for success. Personal growth, prosperity and high quality task completion blooms from honest communication.

    • Thinking Outside of the Box – As an organization challenge the status quo. We ask, “why not?” Our curriculum is designed to find new, innovative ways to engage students. Our students are encouraged to think beyond the constraints of what society has placed on them and internal thoughts they have placed on themselves.

    • Scalability – With the long term vision of becoming a global organization, we have to ask ourselves every step of the way if what we are doing is scalable and yet is able to maintain quality. With our students we intend to scale their thinking and the possibilities for their lives.

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