Current Program

Phase 1: AIM Curriculum


Course Overview

A.I.M. for Your Future is designed to create a supportive environment where students feel comfortable to express and share who they are, along with their uncertainties and fears about their career paths. Together, we go through the three phases of A.I.M. (Assessment, Imagination, Management) to ultimately build a working roadmap for each student’s future. Through a series of discussions, projects, exploratory tests, and guest speakers, we will strive to empower students to find their strengths and passion in order to build the necessary tools for establishing meaningful careers. We aim to make this a fun, engaging, and empowering process.

During the first phase, A (Assessment), we will explore who we are through investigation of our values, personality, accomplishments, strengths, passions and leadership skills. During the second phase, I (Imagination), we will explore company culture, financial needs, career options, and individualized career paths. In our last phase, M (Management), we will gain tools that will assist in personal branding, college applications, how to get and keep a job, and complete a working roadmap that will help students obtain their goals.

At the end of the class students have a strong sense of who they are, stronger self-confidence and direction. Our students also better understand other people’s perspectives, how other perspectives serve, and how to interact with different personalities they encounter in the work world and beyond.

Sample Syllabus