Future Programs

Phase 2: Interactive Media

Advancing the interest of youth through interactive media

In the Interactive Media phase, we work to spark possibilities and potentials of careers, using an online media platform. This platform will be INTERACTIVE, INFORMATIVE and most importantly ENGAGING. Visitors to our website can explore possible careers and learn more about how to cultivate their specific path in life. We will be taking the core teachings of the A.I.M. class, gamifying them, and putting them online. We will accompany the teachings with video’s set to an algorithm of professionals that have tags related to the different lessons that match student outcomes. This way new careers will be introduced to students. The videos will have a short 15 second introduction and then students can learn more if they are interested in the career by watching a longer video that will be filmed in an upbeat manner (imagine cribs meets real world meets PBS programing). We will also have random jobs of the week to ignite thinking outside of the box, as well as a platform for students to communicate with professionals and their piers.

Through this virtual space, students will begin to map out their passions and ambitions. The GROW team fully understands and embraces that early adulthood years are a time of growth and a process of learning more about oneself. We want to optimize and facilitate the natural growing, self-reflective experience using this creative outlet, so that students can begin to think and act on how they want their life to be. We call this phase of the GROW program, the Inspirational Phase, because the heart and soul of our mission is to inspire young adults, primarily from disadvantaged backgrounds, to assure them that history does not have to repeat itself… that they are in control of their destiny and that we will help them achieve this goal!

Phase 3: Job Placement

Internship and Job Placement

In the job placement phase, we will be connecting companies with G.R.O.W. mentees for internships to gain work experience and possible permanent job placement.