Student Certification


Any student that goes through our program can get certified. The criteria for getting certified is simple:

  1. Attend all the AIM classes (only allowed one absence)
  2. Complete the “dream jobs” assignment
  3. Get your profile on LinkedIn
  4. Complete your “stepping stones for success” document

The G.R.O.W. PR team is building awareness around the meaning of student certification.

For our students who are on probation, we are contacting courthouses to let them know that the completion of the course means that our students now have direction in life. Our goal is to have students find a path that they are passionate about and know the steps necessary to succeed so that they will not have to revert from a life of crime.

We are getting the word out to colleges to let them know that individuals coming from the AIM program will not be falling into the 23% of students that don’t end up utilizing their degree. By attending our program you will have a clear sense of who you are and what subjects you want to study. By figuring out what career path gets you excited and knowing the steps necessary to succeed you will be more engaged in the subject matter and within the classroom. We also believe you will be more successful in life and that bodes well for life after college.

Going through the AIM class will also help individuals stand out when they are looking for employment. After graduating the AIM program our students are equip with a deep self-understanding or their personality, passions, skills, values, leadership skills, and what company culture is the best for them to work in. As an added bonus our students also are well aware of other peoples perspectives and leadership styles and know how to best work with different types of people. This means that our students will be a benefit to the companies of their choosing. They will also be more productive because they chose a company and career that is enjoyable and matches who they are.