GROW is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping under-resourced high school youth find career direction.

We train educators to offer introspective and interactive classes in career exploration to students across the nation. Making it possible for every educator to empower students with career readiness. Curriculum has been amended for teachers to deliver virtually. 

GROW’s classes saved my life… what  I gained from GROW echo throughout the rest of my life.

           – Lindsay, student

GROW helps you stop drifting and puts you on the right path.

           – Ché, student

our students learn


Students discover resources for exploring career options, understanding company culture, preparing for and participating in mock interviews.


Students learn to articulate their values, preferences, accomplishments, strengths, passions, leadership styles, and skills.


Students, armed with knowledge of their unique personalities and how to best cultivate a useful skill set for today’s workforce, take an active role in developing a roadmap for career success and happiness.


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