We offer a 1-day training and online platform to educators with all the tools needed to implement at their schools or nonprofit organizations. Teachers can be quickly onboarded and are able to deliver our curriculum the day after training. GROW offers training support via online platform, refresher videos, class materials, and personal follow-ups.

We offer a curriculum of 16 50-minute interactive lesson plans paired with reflection days for groups of 10-30 students, typically delivered by a trained educator once a week over the course of a semester. However, our curriculum is designed to be flexible to fit into different types of programming schedules. Through our workshops, students engage in self-discovery and career exploration through interactive and introspective class activities and classroom discussion.

GROW’s program is divided into three phases: Assessment, Imagination, Management (AIM). AIM encourages self-actualization and ultimately builds a dynamic roadmap for each student’s future.

Students discover who they are through assessing and reflecting on their personality, strengths, passion, values, and leadership styles.

Students consider possible dream jobs in light of what they have learned about themselves. They also research and evaluate the realities of different dream jobs by speaking with professionals.


Students make an actionable plan for their future. They consider practical issues that may be obstacles or milestones for longer-term goals.



Students participate in interactive classes that foster self-discovery, career exploration, and agency. Once completed, students receive a diploma to commemorate their achievement and self-GROWth.


Educators learn to connect to their students in new ways. They are given ongoing support from the GROW Team: they receive in-person training, access to online tutorials, class materials, and other assistance.


Parents and guardians learn more about their children and discover what career paths might be viable for them. Each child develops their own “career road map.” This road map can be used for anyone wanting to track and support students future goals.

Watch the video and see GROW’s impact.

Watch the video and see GROW's curriculum