“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” ~Mark Twain


Can you remember what it felt like to be a teenager trying to figure out what you wanted to do with your life? According to the New York Times, a large percentage of young adults are overwhelmed with fear, pressure, and anxiety over choosing their career paths. In disadvantaged communities most youth are blind to what’s possible for them and often don’t have the guidance to identify their gifts. This in-turn can cause mental health issues such as depression, violent crime, and increased dropout rates. Lack of purpose is at the heart of many of our greatest social issues including dropout rates, drug abuse, crime, joblessness and depression. G.R.O.W. is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit that helps marginalized youth find career direction, by helping them identify their intrinsic skills, interests, and passions. The result is reaching youth at a critical time in their lives to empower them to take ownership of their education, careers, and futures.

The Problem

On average, 1 high school counselor is responsible for 854 students. In high-poverty districts, this ratio spikes to 1,440 students per counselor. With little to no guidance, marginalized youth tend to not be able to identify their value and so they fall through the cracks. This not only has a huge impact on the individual, but also on society as a whole and is a universal problem. G.R.O.W. was developed to help fill this social gap and to empower youth to understand their value and identify aligned career choices. Our organization does this through a unique, multi-phase process of self-discovery, career exploration, and gaining skills important for accomplishing career and life goals.


Quantitative Data That Our Program Works

  • 100% of students responded that after participating in G.R.O.W.’s class, they have a greater understanding of themselves
  • 97% of students responded that after participating in G.R.O.W.’s class, they have more clarity about their career path
  • 97% of students responded that after participating in G.R.O.W.’s class, they have a better understanding of how to accomplish their life goals



We offer a unique and fluid approach that enables students to make self-directed choices based on self-discovery. We truly believe that a deep level of self-knowledge has to be the first step in deciding your future. Understanding why ones headed in a certain direction increases self-motivation, engagement and success within education and work. 

Our curriculum was developed to be a fluid process from understanding who you are to exploring career options to gaining tools to achieve goals. G.R.O.W. has drawn upon traditional and nontraditional modalities to create original curriculum. Our curriculum is primarily interactive and introspective in order to increase student’s engagement and improve quality associated with scale. We don’t have teachers, we have facilitators who facilitate the students’ experience. A thorough analysis of the youth career development industry has proven that there is a strong distinction and need for our program.